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Attribute to decorate the proxy class:



  • HasHeader: Defines if the CSV file has a header as first row. If this property is set to false, every field attribute must have the parameter Column implemented
  • TextDemimiter: Defines the character that can surround a text field in the file
  • FieldDemimiter: Defines the character that separates fields in the file

Attribute to decorate properties of a proxy class



  • Name: Defines the name of the column specified in the header file. The file must have the HasHeader property set to true in the CsvFile class attribute.
  • Column: Mandatory if there is no header in the file(HasHeader property set to false in the CsvFile class attribute).  Defines the number or the column that will be used to get the value for the property with this attribute
  • DateTimeFormat: If the target property is a DateTime, defines the format of the date and time
  • NegativeSign: Defines the character that identifies a negative number for a numeric column
  • NumberDecimalSeparator: Defines the character that separates integer part and the decimal part for a numeric column
  • NumberGroupSeparator: Defines the character that is the thousands separator
  • PositiveSign: Defines the character that identifies a positive number for a numeric column

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